A Quick Guide to Healthy Snacking While Breastfeeding (or Pumping)

Eating healthy is somewhat of a “hot topic” during pregnancy. But, what about AFTER pregnancy? Is it fair game? I decided to do some research and find out!

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional; I am not a nutritionist. I’m just a breastfeeding/ pumping mama trying to eat right for my baby girl. If you have any questions about eating, diet, health, etc. please contact a health care professional. The information here is what I have found from searches online. I’ve just complied it into a nice, little, easy to follow blog post.

Let’s Get Started!

Eating healthy is somewhat of a “hot topic” during pregnancy. Right from the start, you’re given a list of foods you can’t eat and a list of foods you definitely should eat.

But, what about AFTER pregnancy? Is it fair game? What if you’re breastfeeding (or, like me at the moment, pumping)? Sure, the doctors say you can have whatever you want. But, does that mean you should?

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Healthy Weight Gain? Check!

For the last week or so, we’ve been struggling with feedings in my home. The main concern was that my baby girl wasn’t gaining enough weight. She actually lost a significant amount of weight at one point.

You see, she’s been having trouble eating “effectively” which then caused my supply to drop to almost nothing.

Today, I’m happy to report that we actually have some good news on the feeding front!! Norah gained weight!! Not just a little weight. We’re talking a whole whopping 6oz in 3 days!

Yay for weight gain!!

I talked before about what I’m doing to boost supply and get her weight up. You can find that post by clicking HERE. We have altered the routine just a little bit for my mental sanity. So, as an update, here is what we’re doing to make sure baby girl stays healthy and my milk supply doesn’t drop again:

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Make Your Own Pumping Bra! For Free!

One thing about breastfeeding I can say for certain is that it requires a ton of accessories!!! Seriously, I feel like breastfeeding has overtaken my home!

Not only are there are lot of things that you need to breastfeed (pump and accessories, nursing pads, Boppy, nipple cream, maybe a nipple shield, a shell or Hakka to catch let downs… and the list goes on) but those things can get kinda pricey!

One accessories for breastfeeding that I wanted but didn’t want to spend money on was a pumping bra- to make pumping hands free!

Well, instead of purchasing one, I decided to make one myself! In case you’re like me, and want to pump hands free, here’s how to do it without spending a dime!

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A Day in my Norah-Loving Life

The breastfeeding conundrum continues in my household… Since I’m not making enough milk at the moment, I have two priorities with feedings: make sure she gets enough food and make sure to stimulate everything enough so my body starts making enough milk.

Well, the breastfeeding conundrum continues in my household. Baby Girl is only 11 days old, and we’ve already been to the doctor 4 times to try to get everything figured out. Our main concern right now? That she gains weight.

Here is a link to my post talking a little more about what’s been going on so far if you want to catch up: They warned me it would be hard…

In order for her to get back where she needs to be, I have to put a little extra work into my already busy day. Here is what that looks like:

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