Postpartum Update- 6 Weeks: Ready, Set, Run!

Well, I officially hit the 6 weeks postpartum mark! It seems like such a blur. On the one hand, I can’t believe my baby girl is six weeks old already. On the other, I can’t believe I’ve survived six weeks of being a mom!

One thing I want to do now that I’m a mom and my body seems to know it is start running again! I ran a half marathon 10 years ago and loved the experience of training and the race itself was so much fun!

That was a decade and a baby ago, though. So, chances are it isn’t going to be anything like it was before. But, I’m still going to try.

My goal: There’s a ½ marathon at Disney that I want to participate in! There are a couple, actually. My first choice was the Wine and Dine, but that one is already full, so I’m thinking about trying the Princess one. It’s not until February 2020, so I should have more than enough time… Hopefully…


Baby Blues- My Experience

Everyone talks about baby blues. It makes sense that a woman would be all kinds of emotional after having a baby. Between the hormones, the drastic lifestyle change, the lack of sleep, and the fact that now you have this little person in your life that you worry about and obsess over non-stop, it’s no wonder postpartum women don’t completely lose their minds!

My baby blues have come in waves. One minute I’m great, happy, and chipper. The next I’m balling my eyes out because my husband didn’t remember what time the baby peed (“I specifically asked you to make a note of it. How can you not care? Didn’t you listen to me?”). The biggest source of sadness for me surprised me, though.

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