Finally Breastfeeding!

It’s been over three weeks of meeting with the lactation consultant, pumping, finger feeding, crying, weighing, more crying, and a lot more pumping, but all that hard work has paid off!

I hope I don’t jinx it… I’ve waited almost a week before blogging about it just to make sure… I think it’s safe to say…


It’s been over four weeks (and Baby Girl is only 5 weeks old) of meeting with the lactation consultant, pumping, finger feeding, crying, weighing, more crying, and a lot more pumping, but all that hard work has paid off!

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8 Things That Helped Me Survive My First Month as a New Mom (Tips from a New Mom- One Month In Part 2)

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One month into this role as a new mom, I’ve learned a few things. Aside from the practical, advice-type tips (like the ones found HERE), I’ve found that there are certain items that I would advise investing in as a new parent. That’s what we’re going to chat about in today’s post.

Wondering what you’re going to need to survive your first month with a newborn? Well, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING you’ll need because that’s a whole lot… I can tell you what things have made my life easier, though.

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Passing on Paci

I’ve waited four weeks for this. The day we finally decided to introduce our baby girl to a pacifier. On those days she seemed inconsolable, I would just think to myself, “not much longer… she’ll get a paci soon.” Well, the day is finally here.

And she doesn’t like it.

Why did we wait so long to give her a paci? That’s just want I want to talk about today. Here are my reasons for waiting a month to give my baby a pacifier. And my reasons for wanting her to take one now (aside from the obvious).

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Our Experience with Pediatric Dentistry: Getting Ties Released

Thursday morning my heart broke a little bit. I’m just going to start with that. Seeing my little baby girl in that dentist chair, crying, made me feel like I wanted to grab her and run out of there as fast as possible (it also made me feel like a pretty crappy mom, I’m not going to lie).

It was a hard decision to do the procedure. We’ve been fighting with breastfeeding for over two weeks now. It wasn’t something I just up and decided to do.

If you’re considering getting your baby’s mouth looked at for ties and want to hear another mama’s experience, I’m here to share.

All Wrapped up And Ready for the Dentist
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A Quick Guide to Healthy Snacking While Breastfeeding (or Pumping)

Eating healthy is somewhat of a “hot topic” during pregnancy. But, what about AFTER pregnancy? Is it fair game? I decided to do some research and find out!

Disclaimer: I am not a health care professional; I am not a nutritionist. I’m just a breastfeeding/ pumping mama trying to eat right for my baby girl. If you have any questions about eating, diet, health, etc. please contact a health care professional. The information here is what I have found from searches online. I’ve just complied it into a nice, little, easy to follow blog post.

Let’s Get Started!

Eating healthy is somewhat of a “hot topic” during pregnancy. Right from the start, you’re given a list of foods you can’t eat and a list of foods you definitely should eat.

But, what about AFTER pregnancy? Is it fair game? What if you’re breastfeeding (or, like me at the moment, pumping)? Sure, the doctors say you can have whatever you want. But, does that mean you should?

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Nipple Shields: It’s a Love/ Hate Kinda Thing

Disclaimer: The contents contained in this post are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions.

From the very start, I knew I was going to have to use a nipple shield while I nursed. You see, I have an inverted nipple. Which means I have a problem.

Enter the nipple shield! Boom! Problem solved, right?

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Healthy Weight Gain? Check!

For the last week or so, we’ve been struggling with feedings in my home. The main concern was that my baby girl wasn’t gaining enough weight. She actually lost a significant amount of weight at one point.

You see, she’s been having trouble eating “effectively” which then caused my supply to drop to almost nothing.

Today, I’m happy to report that we actually have some good news on the feeding front!! Norah gained weight!! Not just a little weight. We’re talking a whole whopping 6oz in 3 days!

Yay for weight gain!!

I talked before about what I’m doing to boost supply and get her weight up. You can find that post by clicking HERE. We have altered the routine just a little bit for my mental sanity. So, as an update, here is what we’re doing to make sure baby girl stays healthy and my milk supply doesn’t drop again:

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