About Me. About Us.

It’s hard to think of an “about me” page… because it’s hard to think of me without her-my Baby Girl.

I’m a new mom. And I love it. It’s been a crazy adventure from the moment I realized I was in labor, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the longest time, it was just me and Hubby. We lived abroad, traveled through Europe, loved on our fur baby… life was great.

Little did we know, life could get so much better!

We’re back in the USA now; he’s studying and I’m working. And although we had to put our well-used suitcases away for the time being, we have found ourselves embarking on our greatest adventure yet!

Her name is Norah and she has completely changed our lives. This blog is a window into our journey through parenthood. I want to talk about raising baby, struggles, successes, failures… I’ll talk about marriage and friendships. I plan to explore all aspects of this brand new life I’ve started as a mama. And I hope that all of you out there will share your stories with me! Teach me from your mistakes, help me through my own. Laugh with me, learn with me, and maybe together we can navigate this well traveled although completely unchartable journey of raising baby.