I’m Back! (Kind of by accident…)

So, I’m coming back to the blogging world. I’ve missed it, honestly. It’s been probably about 6 months since I really did anything with my blog. But, I’m back. Why am I back, you might ask.

I’m going to start by being 100% honest: I’m back because my auto-renewal was turned on and I got charged for my domain name and I’m not going to let that money go to waste!


I’m also back because 1) I really missed blogging and 2) I feel like I’m at a point in my life when I really need blogging.

I started this blog right after my baby was born. It was a way for me to still focus on me (even though the blog is all about my baby). Writing is my outlet. It’s my escape. And I’ve been really needing an escape lately.

I’m a full-time graduate student, graduate teaching assistant, and (most importantly) mom and wife. On top of all of that, I’ve been going through something of a quarter-life crisis. I’m either crazy, or I hate myself, or both… but, I’m considering enrolling in Developer Bootcamp to learn Web Development.

Needless to say, I’m in serious need of some “me-time.” And, if writing this blog is my way of getting it, I’m 100% going to take advantage of that.

What does all of this mean for this blog?

The truth is, I’m not sure. I still want this blog to focus on Norah and my life as a mom. However, that life includes a lot more than just momming. So, there’s a good chance all those other things are going to slip in somewhere.

Like I said, this blog is my outlet. And, lately, I’ve had a lot of things that have needed to be let out. Don’t worry, It’s not going to turn into an angry, ranty type of blog. But more, a reflective type of blog.

And, of course, there will still be plenty of posts about my baby girl. Because no matter what is going on in my life, she is the one thing that will always make me smile. And talking about her is always a positive point in my day.

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