Baby Proofing a Power Strip- My First DIY

The other day, I looked around my house with a critical eye. You see, Baby Girl is starting to become mobile. This means, it’s time for baby proofing (I’ll be posting a longer post all about that soon)!

While there are the obvious things to worry about- sharp corners, cabinets with cleaning supplies, anything down on her level she can put in her mouth- there was one are of my home that was particularly bothersome to me.

What in the world was I going to do with that power strip?! I couldn’t put it under the chair because the cords leading to the TV weren’t long enough to reach.

What I needed was something to put over it. That’s when I had an idea!

When I was setting up Norah’s room, I fell in love with this little half crate thing that I sanded down and stained. I use it to hold her burp cloths. And, as I stared at the cords in the corner of my family room, it occurred to me that that box was just the right size to fit over the power strip.

So, I drove to Michael’s and got myself another one for $6.99.

Okay. So, now that I have this wooden, splintery box, what was I supposed to do with it? That’s when I called my daddy and we came up with a plan.

First, we sanded it down:

My dad has this really nice (and fun to use!) sanding machine thingy that makes is a breeze to sand down pretty much anything!

Don’t forget the corners!

After sanding, we needed to make holes for the cords to run in and out of. Before we started drilling, though, we had to find the center:

Once we had our “X” to mark the spot, the real fun began! We chose a 1 ½ inch drill bit (is that the right word?) and…

Oops! Got a little bit of splintering going on!

Not to worry! We have that handy little sanding tool to help us out yet again!

Once all the corners were sanded down and the holes were drilled, it was time to make it pretty! We used the same stain that I used to make the box for Norah’s room:

Be sure to wear a shirt you don’t mind getting dirty and gloves!

Hang it up to dry over night…

And all that’s left is putting it to good use.

Don’t mind my foot…

Start with the power strip and plug in all the other devices you want (making sure to “thread” the cords through the holes on the side of the box).

And boom! You’re done!

Yes, I still need to make sure Norah doesn’t chew on the cords. But, that was always going to be a concern. I can’t help the way the outlets are set up in my apartment. At least now I don’t have to worry about her sticking her fingers in one of the sockets on the power strip! And, everything is a lot more contained and controlled.

Have you ever had to make your own baby proofing solution for something? Share your tips and tricks, please!

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