Tips From a First Time Mom: Five Months In

What just happened? Did you see it? Did you feel it? Time just whooshing by! I don’t know about you, but I missed it.

How did my baby girl get to be 5 months old? How did my little Squish turn into a rolling, grabbing, babbling baby? I talked in my 4-month post about how quickly Norah seems to be changing these days. Well, if I thought she changed a lot from three to four months, I had no idea what was in store for me from months four to five.

I had a friend tell me that around three months, their little one turned into a person. She was right! That’s exactly what happened last month. This month, Norah has not only grown more physically, but that personality she started to exhibit before has really started to shine through.

It was a fun month. So much happened. Looking back on it all, I have a few tips to pass along to any other new mamas out there with babies on the cusp of hitting this very exciting age.

Schedule? What schedule?

I’ve been a big pro-schedule type of parent since the very beginning. I’m super Type-A and I need my life to fit into the nice little boxes I have pre-arranged for it.

Well, having a baby has definitely made that a challenging endeavor. But, for the most part, we’ve been able to get Norah on a schedule and stick with it.

This last month (specifically, the last two weeks of the last month) it’s been particularly difficult. I keep thinking she’s teething but I can only say that for so long when I have to accept the fact that my little girl is still toothless and still fussy.

Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she’s been extra observant lately. She wants to explore everything. She wants to be a part of everything. She knows something exciting is happening (or, you know, the dog is walking by…) and she needs to be right there to see it.

Also, I’ve cut my hours back at work, and we started using a babysitter, so on top of her new-found hyper awareness, there’s lots of change going on in her little world.

Whatever it is, my tip to mamas out there who suddenly have a baby that wants to do things their way and that’s just the way it has to be (thank you very much) is to just roll with it. They know what they’re doing.

Norah suddenly stopped napping recently. She used to nap like a champ! Now, it’s a struggle to get her to nap more than 3 hours a day (spread between 3-4 naps). But, guess what?! She started sleeping through the night! So yes, my days have been a lot busier, but my nights have been glorious.

Yes, you’re the parent. But, sometimes, baby knows what’s best.

Ditch the jewelry and invest in hair ties

If you haven’t had to already, you will definitely need to by the time your little ones hits 5 months. Norah will grab anything and everything that comes within her reach (including the dog… but we’ll chat about that in the next point).

She doesn’t just grab with her hands, mind you. She grabs with her toes! One time, she had my hair in both her hands and her toes and was not letting go with either. Such a fun way to start my morning.

I stopped wearing my favorite-haven’t-taken-it-off-in-10-years necklace pretty quickly after Norah was born, since it would leave a little indent on her face when she fell asleep on my chest. And, I’ve never been one for dangly earrings. But, when she grabs hold of my hair, I can only imagine how terrifying and painful it would be if her little fingers hooked on an earring and pulled.

I’ll just leave you with that thought for a couple seconds.

Watch out for those furry friends–stuffed and real!

Teething or not, Norah’s favorite past time these days is grabbing onto whatever she can and shoving it right into her mouth. Fingers, toys, dog toys (EWW!).

This means we’ve had to be extra vigilant when it comes to some of her stuffed friends. I’ve noticed that two or three of them have those hard little eyeballs. The ones that would pop off after being chewed on for a while. So, yeah, she doesn’t get to play with those very much now. They’ve been put away until she gets a little older.

My point? Be sure to check baby’s toys. Does that little bear have a yarn or a hard button nose? What about the eyes? Is there anything on anything that can be chewed off and swallowed? If so, it’s time to put that toy in the back of the closet for the time being.

Norah has also become obsessed with our dog. And he loves her so much! They’re super cute together. But, just because Norah loves him, doesn’t mean that she’s not going to grab onto a handful of his fur and hold on for dear life.

Fortunately, Joey seems to know that she’s a baby and he didn’t yelp or snap at her or anything like that. He just sat there, whimpering softly with Norah firmly attached to the side of his face, until someone came to his rescue.

For the sake of your pets and your babies alike, be sure to keep a close eye on their adorable shared play time.

Is it time to switch things up?

This month, we’ve had to start making changes to things. We removed the bassinet insert in Norah’s pack-n-play. We changed the sling thingy in her little baby tub. We’re starting to talk about baby proofing.

At this age, baby will probably be hitting that size/weight when things need to be adjusted to fit their growing little bodies. Carseats, strollers… You get it.

Maybe you need to pull out some of those user manuals again to double check weight limits. You might want to look up the recommendations for when to move baby out of the bassinet and into their crib (or a different sleeping location).

Yes, this sounds like super practical “duh, why are you telling me this?” kind of advice. But, believe me, it happens so fast! And this is one of those things that’s so practical that you might end up forgetting it.

Nothing super groundbreaking here…

But still, things I feel are worth saying out loud (or, writing down, I suppose). Like I said, sometimes it’s the super practical things that we forget or overlook. And, let’s not forget, it was just yesterday that our babies were newborns. It’s not like we’ve had tons of time to prepare for this! It’s just gone by so fast. So yes, while we always knew baby would start chewing on his toys or getting to big for her tub, who knew it would be happening already?!

Tips From a First Time Mom

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4 thoughts on “Tips From a First Time Mom: Five Months In

  1. Great tips! It’s funny how, as our children grow, some of these just become habit and you don’t really think about them. But when #2 comes along, it’s like starting over! Thanks for the reminders!

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