Musings From a First Time Mom- Four Months In

Well, I’m a little late with this post. I know I’ve been absent from blogging lately. And, I could bore you all with reasons/ excuses and ramble on about work/life/yadda yadda yadda. But, that’s not why you came here today, now is it?

So, I won’t go into all that. I will say that soon (very soon!) I will be back to my old blogging self.

In the mean time, here are some musings I have to share. For you, from me, a first time mom, four months in.

Four months is a big milestone. A lot of things are going on. Baby is learning and growing so much. And, as parents, we have a lot going on, too. We’re trying to keep up with our little ones; we’re making decisions about eating and sleeping. And, let’s not forget, we’re still trying to be people of our own, juggling things like work, maintaining relationships, keeping our house in order, and squeezing in every available second of sleep we can for crying out loud!

All of that inspired this. My list of musings. Hope you enjoy!

I’m writing it all down. I don’t know why… but I am.

This last month, it seems like things have really started to happen. Norah has become a baby. She’s not a new born anymore. She’s becoming her own little person. And I’ve so loved watching her grow and learn.

It seems like every four days or so, she’s doing something new. One day, she’s rolling over. The next, she’s laughing. A week later, she’s trying to scoot. Oh, and let’s not forget about her first fever!

I’m not so great with keeping up with her baby book. To be honest, I’m a couple months behind. I have been good about writing down all her little milestones, though.

Why? I don’t know really. When she’s eighteen, she’s not going to care that it was June 26, 2019 when she got her first fever.

Or… maybe she will. Maybe when she has a baby, and they get a fever at four months, it’ll make her feel better to know that she did, too. And that it was okay.

Either way, things are happening fast now! And I’m here, writing it all down.

Sleep Training: Yes, No, Maybe So

Take my word for it: sometime before four months, you should make up your mind about sleep training. Why? Four words:

Four Month Sleep Regression

We were lucky. It didn’t hit us too bad. Yes, Norah is waking up more frequently than before. But, it’s nowhere near as bad as some of the horror stories I’ve read about.

Regardless of if your baby starts waking up every thirty minutes, or barely slips into a regression at all, four months is a good time to start thinking about your baby’s sleep. This is when they are transitioning from baby to “big people” sleep.

I won’t go into too much detail right now (I am in the process of preparing a post diving into this topic a little more in depth). I will warn you, though. When you start down this rabbit hole, be prepared for whatever you will find. And you will find a lot. You will find people for it, people against it, and people that quite frankly have no idea what they’re talking about. But, that’s the internet, right?

And, mind you, sleep training doesn’t have to mean “Cry It Out.” So, yeah, there’s that.

What are we doing?

We’re “sleep training.” I think… I’m not sure, to be honest. You’ll just have to come back and read my post about it and let me know what you think!

Food: It’s Now or Never… Just Kidding. It’s Now or Later

Just like sleep training, introducing solids is another topic that seems to be hot hot hot in the online parenting community boards. Some say yes. Some say no. Some say maybe.

A lot of what I have read suggests that waiting until six months is the way to go. But, then again, a lot of what I’ve read says that there is nothing wrong with starting at four months.

The point? Do some research. Talk to your pediatrician. And whatever you decide, know that it’s your decision. Some of those moms out there in the online world can be brutal! And if you do something they think you shouldn’t, they will 100% let you know. Remember: You can turn them and their opinions off with one little click. If you go out there looking for advice or feedback, though, be prepared for whatever you may get!

What are we doing? We’re waiting.



Because I haven’t had enough time to research which foods are good to start with, how to prepare them, blah, blah, blah. I have some ideas. I bought some peaches. I just haven’t done anything with them yet. So… that’s where we’re at.

1-800-All The Questions!

For some reason, this last month has had me calling the pediatrician a lot more than the one before it.

She’s sleeping on her tummy. Is she old enough to sleep on her tummy?
She’s coughing and gagging in her sleep. Is it reflux?
Is she teething?
She has a fever. HELP!

It seems like, with all the growing and learning she’s doing, she’s also doing a lot of changing. And, as a first time mom, those changes scare me.

My point? Don’t worry if you suddenly have a million questions. Don’t second-guess calling your pediatrician if you feel like need to (or, if you simply need someone to tell you not to worry, even though your husband, mom, dad, mother-in-law, co-workers… have all told you not to already).

Do what you need to to put your little mama (or daddy) mind at ease so you can stop worrying and get back to loving on that little baby of yours!

Why “musings” and not “tips”?

In the past, I have written a couple “Tips from a First Time Mom” style posts. My reason for not writing another “tips” post today is because most of my tips remain the same as those I have mentioned in said previous posts:

  • Stick to your schedules
  • Play/ interact with your baby
  • Read to your baby
  • Get some “me time”
  • Walk away if you need to walk away

Check out those posts here:
Tips From a First Time Mom: One Month In
Tips From a First Time Mom: Two Months In
100 Days of Norah: What I’ve Learned Far

The thing is, we’re four months into this whole parenting thing now, people! That’s huge! That’s exciting! We’ve made it this far. We have our routines down. We know our babies. We’re starting to feel confident. Yes, things are happening. Fast. But,we’ve made it this far. So, keep it up! It’s only going to get more exciting!

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