Perks of Being a Breastfeeding Mama

Breastfeeding is one of those things you either love or hate. It’s not easy. It’s time consuming. It’s demanding (well, baby is demanding) and when you’re working while breastfeeding, you have to worry about pumping and storing and freezing and all that fun stuff.

Well, while it can be exhausting and frustrating, I’ve been really taking advantage of some of the perks of breastfeeding lately. Here are my top four favorite things about being a breastfeeding mama.

I can comfort my baby in a way no one else can

After Her Two Month Vaccinations. Poor Baby!

This might seem like an obvious one, but it didn’t really hit me until we went in for Norah’s 2 month appointment. She got her shots, which wasn’t fun for either of us.

As the nurses prepped everything, one of them turned to me and said, “get ready to nurse her because even if she doesn’t need to, she’s going to need to.”

I instantly knew what she meant. And, after they finished torturing my poor little girl (not really, but come on… it broke my heart!), the nurse handed her to me, and I nestled her close, and she instantly stopped crying. She ate a little. But, it wasn’t the food she was looking for.

It was me.

And that feeling made the pain of seeing her go through the vaccinations melt into love and pride and joy. I love being able to comfort her. And, I (selfishly–I admit it) love that it’s in a way only I can do.

I get to eat more! Among other things… but, come on… more food! Yay!

Now, I try not to get carried away… BUT, breastfeeding makes me so hungry! Pair that with the fact that I walk to and from work every day, and I’m basically starving 24/7.

Fun fact: I just read the other day that producing breastmilk burns 1000 calories a day!! I’m not sure how accurate that is… I’ve also read 500 in other places. But, hey, 1,000 just sounds so much better, doesn’t it?!

Even though I’m eating what feels like non-stop, I’ve been able to shed almost all of my baby weight. Why? Breastfeeding! (Combined with staying active and sticking to a healthy diet, of course. I’m not eating fried foods and cake over here.)

The benefits of breastfeeding are so numerous, it’s hard to name them all. Most people only focus on the benefits for baby. But, there are tons for mom, too! It helps your uterus shrink faster, baby weight to drop quicker, and it fights post-partum depression. Also, women who breastfeed are at a lower risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.

Pretty awesome, right?

I Can Feed Her Anytime, Anywhere!

I don’t need water, or a place to heat up a bottle, or anything! I just need my little cover up (and that’s optional, if you really want my personal opinion). When we want to go somewhere, I don’t have to worry about bringing a whole bunch of stuff, or making sure I have everything I need to feed her.

It’s honestly so freeing. Especially since it was such a struggle for us to get to this point. I was terrified I was going to spend the entire first year of her life toting my pump along with me everywhere. I was going to get my baby breast milk one way or the other. And this way is so much easier!

I get to see my baby while I work

Norah Goes to Work!

This one is super special for me. I know that I’m probably in the minority of women who can take advantage of this perk, so I am so thankful.

But, I get to see my baby three times during the work day! Where I work, they have a policy in place that ensure that nursing moms can pump or breastfeed whenever they need to. It’s the law. Well, the workplace law.

So, no one can say anything to me when my hubby drops my baby off at 9:30 for her second breakfast, or again at 3:00 for her second lunch. And, I live close enough that I can go home on my lunch and feed her, too!

I’m spoiled, I know. I do recognize it, even if I struggle with things sometimes, like I explained in this post HERE.

We fought for it, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything!

Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for us. We had a very long journey (which you can read about HERE). But, I’m so thankful we stuck with it. Even if now we are facing a little backlash–it turns out we got breastfeeding to work so well, Norah won’t take a bottle now! Hence why she’s making trips to the office twice a day.

Yes, it would be easier if she would let someone else feed her. I could sleep more. I could go out with friends alone for more than a couple hours. I could have more freedom.

But then, I wouldn’t’ have this connection with her. I wouldn’t be reaping all the awesome benefits that come with nursing. And, I wouldn’t have an excuse to hang out with my baby in the middle of the work day.

Note: I realize I’m wearing the same shirt in two of the pictures! I do have more clothes… I promise. I just really like that shirt. =) At least Norah isn’t wearing the same thing.

11 thoughts on “Perks of Being a Breastfeeding Mama

  1. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful thing that Mama’s can do for their babies. It is definitely tough so I applaud you for pushing through. Love that you discussed Mama’s benefits here.

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  2. Love this post and can definitely relate! I’m 7 months into breastfeeding and love it! I’d appreciate it if you could have a read of my blog, it covers being a new mum, and breastfeeding etc! Look forward to reading more 🙂

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