100 Days of Norah: What I’ve Learned So Far

I’ve had my baby for 100 days. That’s 100 days of snuggles and kisses, tears, and growing pains. That’s 100 days of learning. And 100 days of loving someone so much more than I ever realized I could.

Normally, I write a post at the beginning of each new month with my little girl with some tips I’ve learned about being a mom:

Tips From a First Time Mom: 1 Month In

Tips From a First Time Mom: 2 Months In

But instead, today I just want to reflect on what I’ve learned in the last 100 days with my baby.

1. Babies are hard

I’m sure every parent out there will agree that this is probably the biggest understatement ever!

2. But so much fun

I could honestly just sit and stare at her all day long. Every little noise she makes and wiggle she wiggles makes me smile. I honestly think being a parent is so much fun!

3. Breastfeeding is hard

I mean HARD! Check out our journey with breastfeeding HERE.

4. But so worth it

I am so glad we stuck it out. I absolutely love breastfeeding. And the benefits for baby and for mama are amazing!

5. You don’t need every new gadget or cool baby thing on the market

Parents have been parenting long before fancy bottle drying racks and jumperoos. Babies didn’t always need humidifiers in every room and white noise machines to fall asleep. There was a time that children were raised without high-tech gadgets and colorful, light-up toys.

Your baby won’t know if they don’t have the latest or greatest thing. Honestly, all they need to learn and grow and be entertained is you!

6. But it’s okay to splurge on that one thing you just know they’ll love

Go ahead, spoil that little baby. They’re only little once. It’s so fun watching Norah discover something new, and sometimes I just can’t help myself!

7. They will take over your life

Your schedule will revolve around them. You will probably end up having to take turns eating meals. You will make plans based on how baby-friendly the event is. Not to mention, was there a time you and your partner talked about anything else?

8. And consume your entire house

Even if they don’t have all the latest and greatest baby accessories, it seems like your entire home becomes dedicated to your baby. Changing station here, nursing station there, swing, toys, play mat… you get the picture!

9. Being proactive about caring for your marriage/ relationship is so important

Adding a baby to a marriage doesn’t automatically make that marriage wonderful. A lot of times it can have the opposite effect! Like I said, babies are hard. Hard equals stress. Stress equals fights.

Being proactive about taking time to talk to your partner and focus on just them is important. I joked earlier about only talking about baby (which it will seem like you do), but it’s important to remember that you are more than mom, and he is more than dad. Keeping the other person a priority through the transition into parenthood is so important, and not always as easy as you would think!

10. Baby clothes are cute, but practical will win 9 times out of 10!

I love Norah’s fancy dresses and pretty bows. But unless she has a reason to wear them, she’s in a onesie or romper. It’s just easier.

11. Finding time for yourself is hard, but oh so important

Just like your marriage needs to be a priority, you need to be a priority, too. While you may love being a mom (or dad), you will find yourself needing a break. And that’s okay!!! Take time to do something for you everyday. Even if it’s something as small as a long shower or staying up 20 minutes later to write a blog post.

12. Teamwork: The key to success and sanity

Divide and conquer! You do the cooking. I’ll do the shopping. You clean the bathroom. I’ll take the kitchen.

And everyone gets to love the baby.

13. Just when you think you’ve got this parenting thing down, you realize you don’t all over again

You just start to feel confident when something new comes your way. I think babies are programmed like that. They let us ease into a false sense of security before moving into the next phase of growth and throw all our parenting success right out the window! Don’t worry, if you feel like you have to relearn to parent constantly, you’re not alone!

14. Meal prepping/ planning will (or at least should) be your new BFF.

Or meal kits.

Whatever it takes to get a good, healthy meal in as little time as possible, really. We use Blue Apron, freezer meals, and I cook all my lunches for work on Sunday afternoon.

I love to eat. And having a baby doesn’t mean I have to start eating crap!

15. Oh, and you will love grocery pickup

I swore up and down I would never use this. Honestly, I thought it would make me lazy to use it.

But, man, trying to shop with a baby? No gracias. Not to mention trying to fit it into my already packed schedule. No no. Why would I do that when I can just condense it all down to one, 15 minute drive to the store?

Ps it saves me money, too, because I’m only buying what I need, not wandering around the store, hungry, picking up everything that looks good!

16. Sticking with your “I’m going to be (or not going to be) such-and-such type of parent” is harder than you might realize- so stick with it!

Already! Already I catch Norah watching TV! I said a million times, “no screens before two, and very, very limited after.”

(I got this from the book I love Brain Rules for Baby, which I super highly recommend!)

So, what do I do when I find her watching the morning news right along with me? I fantasize about walking away and making my breakfast, drinking my coffee, and having my morning to myself…. as I turn the TV off.

It might be something different for you, but whatever it is, if it’s important to you, stick with it! For me, I can see the allure of letting Notah watch TV, or when she gets older play with a phone or iPad. But, that’s just not what I want. So, for now at least, I’m sticking with it! Even if it’s already harder than I thought it would be. I mean, really! Who would have thought a three month old would care so much about the 2020 election??

17. But don’t beat yourself up if you find that something works for your family that you didn’t think would! Aka be flexible

You being sane is the key to a happy home, trust me. So, if you have to bend a little or do something differently than you thought you would just to keep some peace in your home (and mind) then do it!

18. Don’t be afraid to be “that”‘first time mom

I used to always be paranoid that people would think I was overreacting. You’ve all heard the sighs and groans when a first-time-mom gets worried over something. It seems like everyone always assumes we’re freaking out over nothing.

Well, you know what, I’m the mama! And if I think something is wrong with my baby, I’m going to do whatever I need to to make sure she’s okay. Don’t worry what other people think. Ignore the eye rolls and the snarky comments. You know your baby. Trust your instincts. That’s why you have them!

19. Working mamas: Being away will be hard and easy at the same time, and you might just hate it for both of those reasons

I talk all about that in another post. Check it out HERE.

20. Your friendships/ social life will change

Especially if you have friends who don’t have babies. Hubby and I are the only ones in our friend group where we live who have a baby. So yes, things are different. It’s harder to go to that party, or meet up for a spontaneous lunch. You will start to feel left out or left behind.

So, that kinda sucks.

But, like your marriage and yourself, it’s good to make sure to make time for your friends. They will make time for you, too. I promise! They’ll probably even like it if you bring the baby along. Just don’t talk only about the baby the whole time, as hard as that may seem!

21. You will change

Your life, your goals, your future, and the way you view the world will change the instant they put that little baby in your arms.

I can’t explain it (at least not in a short blurb), but as a parent, you know what I mean. Suddenly, things that used to matter don’t, and things you never thought about (like saving for baby’s future, baby’s college, your retirement, etc.) become a constant thought in the back of your head.

22. But you will never love someone/ something more than you love your little one

I thought I knew what love was… I’m sure you’ve heard parents say it a million times. But, it’s true. The love you feel for your baby is unlike anything in the world.

It’s absolutely amazing.

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