My First Weekend As A Working Mom

This weekend was my first weekend since being back at work. Man! Weekends as a working mom are very different from the weekends I’ve had throughout the rest of my life.

No staying up late with wine, pizza, and Netflix. No staying in bed all day Saturday. No relaxing Sunday curled up with a book.

Nope. My weekends are now split between playing catch up with the housework and (more importantly) catching up on snuggle time with my baby girl!

I’m not going to lie. Looking back on my weekend, I feel kind of like super woman. Not only is my house clean, but my fridge and freezer are stocked! AND I got in so many snuggles!

For starters, Norah and I started a big project that took us all day Saturday to complete: freezer meals!

Since Baby Girl has been giving daddy some trouble during the week, he hasn’t been able to make dinner. And since I don’t get home until 5:30 and Norah goes to bed at 8:00, I don’t want to waste any amount of that precious couple hours I could be with her cooking.

The solution? Meals that cook themselves! It’s a pain getting them prepared, but so worth it in the end!

First, we (well, Norah didn’t help with this part) searched through recipes and picked some out.

After making our shopping list, we headed out to the store!

It took a lot longer shopping with Norah than it normally would, but it was actually kind of fun! She was an angel! She loved looking at all the stuff on the shelves and didn’t make a peep the entire time. Once we got home, I had to organize all the ingredients and make sure we got everything. Next, I started the preparations. Norah hung out on her play mat during this time, playing with her toys and babbling away.

It took a couple hours. I let myself get distracted and play with Norah or read to her or snuggle her whenever she needed me to (or whenever I wanted to). But, I did it! Six meals in one afternoon!

These, along with the Blue Apron meals we get, should last us two weeks!

Besides meal prepping, my weekend was filled with cleaning (with tons of help from my hubby), making my lunches for the week, laundry, a quick visit with a friend, and lots of baby love.

It was so busy and it went by way too fast. This whole working thing has been really difficult for me and my family. But, we’re trudging forward. We will figure it out and get a routine established. (Me going to work has really done a number on Norah’s schedule, but that’s for another post.)

And, hey, only five more days until we get to do it all over again!

2 thoughts on “My First Weekend As A Working Mom

  1. Where did you get your recipes? Which ones did you decide on? I have always wanted to try meal prepping but for some reason, I never get very far. I could definitely use some motivation!

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    1. I’ve been using This is the second time I’ve used recipes from her site. We love the Mexican beef wraps, Italian sliders, and smothered beef. We’ve had all of those twice! This time we’re trying the ranch chicken pasta, Italian chicken, Santa Fe chicken, and the cheesy beef pasta.
      I love freezer meals! It takes all day to prepare them, but they’re so worth it!! Saves us so much time during the week.

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