My Little Leaper

I’ve talked about Leaps before and I’ll talk about Leaps again. If you have a little one at home, you should be talking about Leaps, too!

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I’ve talked about Leaps before and I’ll talk about Leaps again. If you have a little one at home, you should be talking about Leaps, too!

Leaps are developmental “growth spurts” that babies go through in the first 20 months of life. They are outlined in a book that is quickly becoming my new best friend titled The Wonder Weeks.

My baby is currently going through her second leap, and let me tell you, it’s a doozy!

Norah was scheduled to start her second leap today. And boy, did she ever! She started my morning off screaming, and has only calmed down when she’s like this:

Notice the exhaustion on my face? My messy hair? The crazed look in my eye? That’s because for the last couple days, she’s been exhibiting the typical signs that a leap is about to begin:
– Crying
– Clingy
– Cranky

Her sleep has been thrown off completely, and she’s turned into a weird eater. She acts like she’s starving, but nurses for half the time she usually does, and pushes off crying. I know it’s not because she’s not getting any milk because it’s streaming down her chin. Maybe she’s getting too much?

The characteristic elements of this second leap (opening up what the book calls the World of Patterns), is baby’s desire to be extra close to mom (or dad). She’ll want to be held all the time (hence the baby wearing) and want to nurse constantly, although she won’t want to eat. She just wants the comfort of being close to the one thing she’s familiar with. Her entire world is changing, and you are her constant–her source of comfort.

Today, the first official day of her second leap, she’s extra needy. She wouldn’t let me put her in the carrier. NO WAY! She had to be in the wrap. She wanted the skin-to-skin. She screamed in her swing (which she usually loves) and while she enjoyed her “playtime” on her mat, it was short lived, as she wanted to be in my arms again after only 5 minutes (she usually hangs out there for 15-20).

What’s At the End of This Leap?

While it’s very frustrating and exhausting, this leap is going to be an exciting one. This is the leap where she will discover her hands! She’ll start grabbing at things and wanting to interact with her surroundings more. She’ll start “talking” (i.e. cooing) and using her voice to get my attention (in a way that isn’t crying). She’s going to learn so much, and at the end of it, she’s going to be so much fun! Not just a little baby who wants to lay on the floor and kick around. She’ll want to play, be entertained, and explore.

The skills she picks up in the leap are what she needs to start sitting up, as she’s going to learn not only about patterns around her, but inside her, as well. She’s going to learn about her body and discover that she can move and control it.

So, while it’s going to be a long week (possibly two… *cue the exhausted crying*), it’s going to be so nice when we make it to the other side. Yes, she’s driving me crazy already. But, I keep reminding myself that she’s growing and she needs me. She wants to cling to me (literally–she’s supposed to start clinging to her parents during this leap) for comfort, and I can’t blame her. Things are changing fast for her. And, as her mom, it’s my job to be here to help her figure it all out!

The Wonder Weeks— It will change your life!

I honestly feel that being knowledgable about Wonder Weeks will save parents so much stress and frustration. Yes, your baby will still be fussy. But, you will understand why they’re fussy. You’ll be prepared for it, and even know how to make the most out of your baby’s leap–what games you can play and what activities you can do to encourage their newfound skills.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Wonder Weeks, check out the book! I just got my copy and I haven’t put it down. (I’ve been using the app for weeks and loved it so much, I had to get the full-fledged version.)

The Wonder Weeks: How to Stimulate Your Baby’s Mental Development and Help Him Turn His 10 Predictable, Great, Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward(5th Edition)

Here’s a peek inside my copy:

I cannot say it enough. I believe in Wonder Weeks! I NEEDED this book in my life. I can’t wait to continue exploring my baby’s developmental growth with her. I’m so excited to watch her learn new things and explore her new world. Thankfully, I’ll now know when she’s going to need my help doing said exploring and when she’ll be happy to do it on her own.

So, here we go! Do your worst, Leap 2! Norah and I are ready for you!

3 thoughts on “My Little Leaper

  1. That pic is adorable. I wish I would have known about that book when my little one was a newborn. It would have saved me from some stressful moments. :-s Time with them is so precious and it’s true what you say, it can be a lil stressful but she needs you and they grow up soo fast too. 😦

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