8 Things That Helped Me Survive My First Month as a New Mom (Tips from a New Mom- One Month In Part 2)

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One month into this role as a new mom, I’ve learned a few things. Aside from the practical, advice-type tips (like the ones found HERE), I’ve found that there are certain items that I would advise investing in as a new parent. That’s what we’re going to chat about in today’s post.

Wondering what you’re going to need to survive your first month with a newborn? Well, I can’t tell you EVERYTHING you’ll need because that’s a whole lot… I can tell you what things have made my life easier, though.

Freezer meals

This isn’t something you can buy, necessarily. But it is something you should look into! Freezer meals are a complete life-saver. It took me an entire Sunday to prepare them all, but they’ve saved me so much time and sanity since my baby girl has arrived.

Meal kits

Food is important in my home, if you can’t tell. Aside from the freezer meals, hubby and I wanted to make sure we had some “fresh” home-cooked meals, as well.

Well, for us, it was easy to make sure we still got that. We’ve been using Blue Apron for over a year and a half now and we will probably never go back to life without it! Everything comes all measured out, meat chopped up, recipes include pictures… it doesn’t get much easier! The meals are always yummy and healthy, and they always contain something unique, which we love.

What do I love the most about Blue Apron? My husband cooks it! He didn’t do much cooking before, but with the recipes laid out the way they are, he has the confidence to get in the kitchen and whip up anything that Blue Apron sends his way.

Interested in trying it? Check out the link below for $30 off each of your first two boxes!*

$60 Off Your First 2 Boxes of Blue Apron! (Save $30 Week 1 – Save $30 Week 2)

Puppy pads

No, I’m not insinuating that your child is a dog. I am saying that they have trouble knowing when and where to “go” though. Keeping puppy pads* in your diaper bag will help to make sure you’re always ready in case of an emergency.

They’re great for laying down on those icky public changing tables to make sure your little one stays clean. And if you need to change them in the car or somewhere you want to have an extra layer of protection from their frequent surprises, just lay down a puppy pad and you’re good to go!

Four Paws Puppy Pee Pads for Dogs

Multiple changing stations

You are NOT going to want to run to the nursery every time you baby needs a diaper change. I live in a tiny apartment and I don’t even do that!

Instead, I have a changing station in my family room. This little caddy* right here is perfect for storing diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and anything else you might need to keep your baby’s booty clean!

Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Breastfeeding Station

Once you plop yourself down to feed that baby, you’re not going to be able to get up too easily. This is why you should get yourself a breastfeeding station.

Mine is just a little basket with all the goodies I need. Everything from nipple cream to a burp cloth is right there within reach whenever I need it.

Check out what I keep in mine by clicking HERE!

Plastic Bags in Diaper Bag

This is more of a hack than an item, I suppose. But, let me tell you, get some baggies to keep in your diaper bag! I have a couple sandwich bags and a couple of those plastic bags you get from the grocery store.

Why? Because babies are messy, that’s why! What are you going to do with that poopy diaper if you’re out and about and nowhere near a trash? Or maybe you are near a trash, but not one you want to throw a poopy diaper in… What about when baby has a blow out and all that nastiness gets all over their outfit and they need to be changed? What are you going to do with that dirty onsie?

Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way… Just put some bags in your diaper bag!

Breastfeeding/ Diaper Changing App

You’ll probably get a piece of paper in the hospital with a little chart to fill out for when baby eats, how much or on what side (if you’re breastfeeding) and when their diaper was changed and what was in it.

Well, that paper is helpful there because they will need to see it to track baby’s “input and output.” But, once you get home, you’re going to want something you can have right at your fingertips. This is why I recommended getting an app to track all of that!

You will want to make sure baby is pooping and peeing enough. And if you’re breastfeeding, you’re going to want to make sure you know what side you fed baby on last (it’s easy to forget little things like that when you’re sleep deprived). Having an app to do all of that for you is so nice!

My Roo Tube

This is something the doctor who delivered my baby told me to get, and I’m SO glad I did. It’s a little tube-top type thing that you can wear to do skin-to-skin with baby.

I love it because every once in awhile Baby Girl gets fussy and will not sleep unless I’m holding her. My Roo Tube* lets me have her close, but still have my hands free. And if I need to close my eyes for a minute? I know she’s safely in place on my chest and not going anywhere.

MyRoo Tube – The Only Seamless Hands Free Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care Shirt, (Size 1 (Sm-XL), Ivory)

These are just a few of the things that I’ve come to love since becoming a mommy. They have saved me time and helped me maintain my sanity.

Are you a parent that has some must-haves you want to recommend? Please, share!

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*If you decide to purchase this item, I get a commission. It won’t cost you anything, though. Pinky promise!

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