Healthy Weight Gain? Check!

For the last week or so, we’ve been struggling with feedings in my home. The main concern was that my baby girl wasn’t gaining enough weight. She actually lost a significant amount of weight at one point.

You see, she’s been having trouble eating “effectively” which then caused my supply to drop to almost nothing.

Today, I’m happy to report that we actually have some good news on the feeding front!! Norah gained weight!! Not just a little weight. We’re talking a whole whopping 6oz in 3 days!

Yay for weight gain!!

I talked before about what I’m doing to boost supply and get her weight up. You can find that post by clicking HERE. We have altered the routine just a little bit for my mental sanity. So, as an update, here is what we’re doing to make sure baby girl stays healthy and my milk supply doesn’t drop again:

Before, our feeding routine went like this:

  • Feed her on the breasts (5 min left; 10 min-15 min right)
  • Feed her 2 oz (it was increased from 1 when we realized she still wasn’t gaining enough) through a “finger tube”
  • Pump for 15 minutes

It worked, obviously, but there were times it took me over an hour to get everything done! Sometimes close to an hour and a half! I wasn’t able to do anything else other than feed, pump, clean pump stuff, change a diaper, eat (sometimes), and then start all over again.

So, after a week of the original plan, I had to change it up a little bit.

The original problem that brought me to the lactation consultant was pain while she ate. Well, just because we’re working on other things doesn’t mean that pain went away. In an effort to solve all the problems we were facing at once, I’ve altered our feeding routine a little bit. This is what it looks like now:

  • Feed her 2oz (or 2.25 if she’s extra hungry) with the finger tube and/or what I like to call the “boob tube” if I feel like I can grit through the pain for a little bit–I just love the bonding time!
  • Pump for 15 minutes

What’s nice about this new routine is that my hubby can feed her if he wants to! That cuts down on the time I spend feeding drastically.

Finger Feed
“Boob Tube”

Why is this such a great thing? Because honestly, I was getting so stressed with everything! And stress is not good for a nursing mother (especially one with supply issues). Even though I was still attempting to nurse, I didn’t feel like I was actually spending time with my daughter because I was so upset and frustrated during the entire process. Now, I use that extra time I have to do skin-to-skin or just sit on the couch and snuggle her. I’m much more relaxed, which is good for both of us!

This is the system that works for us at the moment. It’s not perfect, and I wish I could find some way to make nursing a more pleasant experience for me and for Baby Girl (she often gets really frustrated when nursing), but that is a problem we will face soon. We’re taking this one day at a time. For now, the fact that we conquered the weight issue is a victory, and one I’m so excited about!

Disclaimer: The contents of contained in this post are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions. 

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