“Minimalist” as it goes in my home…

You may have noticed that one of the essential elements of my blog (so much so it’s in my blog site name) is “minimalist.” I’ve already talked a little bit about my newfound momahood and fully intend to dedicate countless more blog posts to this wonderfully exciting aspect of my life. But, today I want to talk a little about the “minimalist” part of my life.

I’ve heard that true “minimalists” live with less than 100 physical possessions. I’m going to confess right now–that is not me.

I do hold to the mentality, though, that less is more. I don’t like to have things sitting around my house that don’t serve a purpose. If I can live without it, I will.

(For example, I was using a dish towel in my bathroom instead of a bathmat because it works just as well, right? My mom saw it, though, and after laughing at me for a long time insisted on buying me a rug.)

When it comes to my Baby Girl, I’m taking the same approach. If she doesn’t NEED it, we don’t have to have it. We’re trying to limit clothes, toys, and all the other superfluous baby accessories that seem to be flooding the market right now.

My goal is to spoil my Baby with love and instill in her an appreciation for the little things. She has absolutely everything she needs, and not much that she doesn’t. Ninety-five percent of what she has were gifts.

Why did I choose this approach? I’m so glad you asked!

For starters, my husband and I live in a very small apartment. We don’t have room for more than the bare essentials. I can’t stand clutter–it stresses me out. And my hubby is so amazing that he goes along with my need to keep things tidy all the time. And less things makes it so much easier for both of us to keep the place all picked up (Especially now with a newborn soaking up all our time!).

Secondly, my hubs and I are both those that are under the clichĂ© mentality of “collect memories, not things.” In short–we love to do things, not have things.

Before Baby Girl came along, Hubby and I lived a very different life. You see, we used to live in Spain. And while there, we traveled. It was what we lived for. And how did we finance our travels? Being as cheap as humanly possible, that’s how!

Lastly, and this ties in with the other two points, we feel that consumerism has gone completely crazy in our day and age. The constant need to buy buy buy- acquire acquire acquire. It’s crazy! Sure, it’s tempting. So many pretty, shiny things out there. But, our goal is to live a more simplistic life. One that isn’t cluttered with stuff and clouded with market driven greed.

You may think we’re silly. But, we have good evidence to show that our lifestyle is just perfect (for us). We’re not in the most financially lucrative situation. My husband is a PhD student, and I’m working as an entry-level administrative assistant in Human Resources. Nonetheless, we were able to not only pay my hospital bill outright (leading to a 20% discount from the hospital! Heck yes!), but our savings account didn’t take that big of a hit to do so. And it’s all thanks to our “minimalist” approach to life.

There are plenty of other benefits, too! But, if you want to find out about those, you’ll just have to keep reading. =)

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